Commitment to years ago when DanaGum started its production. Since then, company’s main objectives were product development and market share expansion by improving its production lines, in terms of quality and quantity. Today, we manufacture and ship millions of square meters of waterproofing membranes to both domestic and offshore clients to various destinations across the world.

Related Products

Natural Slate Flake

For exposed purposes Available in diffenrent natuaral colpours

Silica Sand

To use for underlayment
(e.g concret, tile, ...)

Embossed Aluminum Foil

Extra protection for top surface from UV exposure

PE Film

Polyethylene Film for use in majority of projects

Bitumen Primer

Primer is a bitumen compound water base or solvent base, used to prime


Competitive price
Granted two national standards
Simplicity and ease of installation
Super adhesion in any kind of tilt and angle
Resistant against cracks in cold or heat in summer
Prevents wasting energy due to the use of Glass Fibre
Highly resistant to water penetration (up to 60 kilos of pascal)
Excellent elongation due to the use of Polyester reinforcement
Resistant against UV sun, chemical acids and gases
Low temperatures flexibility
Eco-friendly and non-pollutive