Commitment to sustainable products began more than 20 years ago when DanaGum started its production. Since then, company’s main aims have been focused on product development and market-share expansion by improving its production lines, in terms of quality and quantity.
Today, we manufacture and ship millions of square meters of waterproofing membranes to both domestic and offshore clients to various destinations across the world.

Provided that, the above objectives cannot be achieved without the following reasons:

Highly knowledgeable managers and skilled personnel, whose knowledge and persistency have always been behind DanaGum cooperation.

Cooperation with highly credited international companies.

Paying attention to the quality, price and product variation.


In 1994, a group of pioneers in Iran used the most advanced machineries to produce superior quality bituminous membranes, with a wide range of products, perfect solution for all kinds of waterproofing needs. In 1995, after a successful and highly productive year, the firm decided to introduce and launch its products under the name of DanaGum. The main objective for our management team at DanaGum is to achieve the global standards in training, and building a highly qualified team of specialists along with the implication of the latest technology within the field. DanaGum Co is proud to announce that after 18 years of manufacturing various products and collaboration between our company and many regional clients, the company's rapid growth raised its production capacity from 5,000,000 sqm in 1997 to 12,500,000 sqm in 2007, and with the launch of the new production line to 25,000,000 in 2010 and beyond.